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We are the integrated hub of Real Japanese Experience

To the traveler, time spent on a trip is "time that will never come again".
The only thing we can offer is to make your time in Japan unforgettable one through enjoyable and authentic Japanese cultural programmes.
In YANESEN where old traditions are still an integral part of daily life , you can experience the true essence and identity of Japanese culture by taking part in Tea Ceremony, Flower Arrangement, Calligraphy, etc. Also, why not try on a Kimono and stroll around this wonderful part of 'Old Tokyo'.
we sincerely hope that you will join us.


The experience was really enjoyable!
"The experience was really enjoyable!"
The experience was really enjoyable!!
The calligraphers were very nice and very helpful, they explained us the process and each move slowly, and sometimes multiple times so that I could fully comprehend it. If I still struggled, the instructor would take my hand and guide me.
thanks for polite and wonderful time!

- Emma,
from France

Calligraphy (Shodo) in YANAKA

Best experience in Japan
"Best experience in Japan"
I participated in this with my partner (who is not Japanese). It was a course full of Japanese cultural experiences that visitors like, and he and I were very satisfied with it.
The mood was awesome. It was very impressive to see how a tea ceremony is run by someone really knowledgeable. The tea master explained very well about the tea ceremony rituals, and she's also friendly. We loved that we only had to focus on the beauty of such a ceremony, from the sounds to the movements.

from Australia

Tea Ceremony ( Sado )

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